Auto Insurance for Travel to Mexico - 5 FAQs
By Robbie T. James
Mexico for many people always has been and remains an idyllic and exciting tourist destination. While there are dangers involved with any type of foreign travel, if you plan well you can keep your travel risk to a minimum.

One way to keep your trip to Mexico as safe as possible is by buying car insurance for travel to Mexico. Travel insurance, including that of the car insurance variety, is always a wise investment. In fact, the more insurance you have, the better, provided that you buy it at a reasonable price and that you only buy the coverage you need.

If you are planning an upcoming trip to Mexico and plan to drive while you are there, here are 5 FAQs on auto insurance for travel to Mexico:

1. Am I legally required to buy auto insurance for travel to Mexico?

A: You are not required by law to buy car insurance for use in Mexico. However, it is highly advisable. This is one situation whereby the lack of the law does not in any way signal that it is a good idea to skip the step of buying a good auto insurance policy before your trip.

2. Does my regular auto insurance policy cover foreign auto accidents?

A: The answer to this changes from policy to policy. While a handful of regular auto insurance policies cover overseas or foreign travel, most do not. You should check your current policy or contact your car insurance provider to find out for certain. Note that unless your policy specifies that operation of a car in foreign countries is covered, it is not. If not, you will need to buy a special auto insurance policy for your planned trip into Mexico.

3. Where should I buy auto insurance for my trip to Mexico?

A: You can buy insurance from a number of places. Often, money exchange offices in your home country will sell insurance
policies, as do convenience stores and vendors at airports. However, you will probably end up overpaying or not getting the full coverage that you require if you buy through one of these sources. Instead, contact your travel agent, your own auto insurance company, or another third-party organization to get quotes before you leave on your trip.

4. What types of coverage should I buy?

A: Insurance coverage for foreign driving generally has the same types of coverage options as that for your domestic country. Examples of coverage to consider are:

a. liability: covers the other party's medical and property if the accident is your fault

b. comprehensive: covers you if your car is damaged or stolen in a non-accident situation

c. medical: covers your own party's medical expenses if the other party is not insured

d. collision: covers your own car's repair expense if the other party is not insured

If you can afford it, purchase as many coverage types as you can.

5. Do most policies cover medical as well?

A: Some policies cover medical, depending upon which coverage you pay for (see above). However, note that this only pertains to medical expenses related to an accident. For medical coverage for situations such as an illness or non-auto-related accident, you will need to purchase medical insurance separately. You can find this type of coverage by seeking out a company that specializes in selling travel insurance.

Take these 5 auto insurance tips into account if you plan to drive in-country during your next trip to Mexico.

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