Travel Health and Travel Insurance
By Mark V James
You probably have health insurance in Australia, right? So, shouldn't you make sure that your health and emergency medical costs are also covered when you travel abroad? Travel health insurance covers your medical costs when you travel overseas. Your Australian health cover and Medicare are unlikely to cover you for overseas travel and medical costs overseas can be a lot higher than those you are used to in Australia.

Even if you don't have regular health insurance at home, you should consider travellers' insurance to cover you for a medical emergency or accident. The reality is that even normally healthy people often get sick or even worse on holiday. Ever noticed how as soon as the pressure comes off and you get to relax, you come down with the flu or worse? Overseas holidays for Australians generally start with a reasonably long flight. Flying is a great way to pick up a disease before you even reach the resort's poolside bar!

Having arrived at your holiday destination, there is, of course, the usual risks of a climate you are not used to and local food - again, food poisoning is not just a cliché; it can result in a serious medical emergency if you get unlucky.

Often, your average holidaymaker gets into trouble when they go from a sedentary office job in real life to deep sea diving or skiing on holiday. It seems that we all feel invincible on holiday, and in some cases, the joy of the moment overcomes common sense safety precautions. Or our unfit body is just not up to our athletic ideals!

Plus, things do sometimes work differently overseas; for instance, how many tourists have ended up in the hospital because they forget, just for
a minute, that they are driving on the wrong side of the road? It's particularly easy to forget if you hire a scooter, as is commonly done in the Pacific and some Asian countries. Scooters don't have an offset steering wheel to remind you that you should be keeping right on the road!

Travel health insurance can help if the worst happens while you are overseas. For most people, it won't happen, but just because you have never had an accident or a serious illness at home doesn't mean it can't happen to you at some point. You should not assume that it can't happen to you on holiday - unfortunately, it can. Being ill or injured on holiday is bad enough, but you don't want to return home to a lifetime of debt to pay off the bills!

A good travel health insurance policy is a small price to pay for peace of mind. It will cover you not just for serious medical assistance, but also for English-speaking assistance if you need advice for a condition that is worrisome. Is it a bad cold or malaria? If the worst happens, it will pay for the MediVac home too. If that skiing accident resulted in a broken leg - you may need a first-class seat to get home - travel insurance will normally pay for that too.

Travelling is great fun generally, but sometimes, it's a bit tough on your health. That's why travel health insurance is a must have for your packing list.

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