World Wide Travel Insurance
By Josh Harrison
If you are planning to take a round the world tour either for pleasure or business, then you should take time out to make sure you think about taking out a worldwide travel insurance policy. You want your travel experience to be special and memorable; you don't want to remember it because you had an accident or illness that drained you of all your savings! Prices for worldwide travel insurance can be very reasonable if you shop around, and will help protect you from significant financial loss.

There's no need to waste time phoning travel agents for prices. All you need to do is a little searching for online travel insurance on the internet and you'll then be able to compare cover and prices in the comfort of your own home or office.

What should you look out for? Any travel insurance supplier worth their salt will provide a 24/7 emergency service and will be underwritten by a licensed insurer with a high rating such as Lloyd's of London.

Just what does worldwide travel insurance normally cover?

* Cancellation costs if you are taken ill before you're due to travel
* Curtailment costs if you have to return to Australia because a close relative is taken ill or dies
* Medical expenses including repatriation to Australia
* Extra travel and accommodation costs if you
are delayed as a result of missed departure or connection
* Cover for loss, theft or damage to luggage
* Personal Liability in case you damage the property you're staying in or accidentally injure someone

You can get a quick travel insurance quote at most travel insurance web sites if you are looking to compare international travel insurance costs. Do notice that when you get to the section on the form that asks you which area you will be travelling to, take care to put in your correct area of travel. Most companies will give you an explanation of how they categorise their travel areas with a link. It is important that your travel insurance certificate reflects the countries you are travelling to or you may not be covered.

It is a good idea to make sure that you understand all the details, both large and small, of the policy you purchase. Check to see if the company you are considering has their Product Disclosure Statement online, so that you can read the "fine print" before you buy. Purchasing your world wide travel insurance from a reputable company should save you money, time, and perhaps even your holiday.

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